Wills & Trusts

No-one likes to think about dying, but the thought of the government taking 40% of our hard-earned savings is enough to concentrate anyone’s mind.

Planning and careful thought needs to be applied when considering making a will or redrafting an existing will. Wills need to be reviewed regularly as circumstances change. The birth of children or grandchildren, an inheritance, a death, or a divorce may upset the careful plans made in the past and, consequently, a review is essential to ensure that the will continues to reflect your wishes. We can advise you on the Inheritance Tax implications of your proposals and assist in mitigating the tax liabilities arising from them. We can work with your solicitor to ensure that every part of the process is appropriately completed.

Part of the process may be the setting up of trusts for your heirs and we can deal with the management of these trusts. Investment advice is given by a qualified financial adviser - for more information click here.

If you would like advice on any of these areas, please email us your details. We will then contact you to discuss your requirements.