Taxation > Limited Companies

The services we provide are: -
  • Preparation and submission of your companys Corporation Tax, Tax Return.
  • Preparation and submission of your companys tax computation.
  • Dealing with H.M. Revenue & Customs on any enquiries into your companys Tax Return.
  • Recommendations on payment of tax.
  • Checking your companys tax assessment.
  • Assistance with PAYE/NIC matters.
  • Assistance with putting together benefits in kind packages for employees.
  • Assistance with payroll matters and preparation of the employers end of year returns, P14, P35 and P11D.
  • Capital Gains Tax computations.
  • Tax implications of transferring a sole trader or a partnership into a limited company.
  • We also have a network of tax consultants who can provide specialist advice on all matters relating to the taxation of companies and tax planning on proposed transactions.
For a free initial consultation and competitive quotation, please e-mail your enquiry to us.